11 May

Today’s post is something I am quite interested in and would love to know even more about. As a very active person I account for extra expended energy by filling up on POWER foods; a lot of people use exercise as an excuse to eat junk but I feel eating the right nutrients can help  enhance performance.

The topic of sports nutrition is a hot debate with some athletes going to extreme measures to improve performance. Especially during the Olympics last summer I noticed a lot of sports-nutrition related posts (Michael Phelps eating 12000 calories a day anyone?!?).


Fuelling your body is so important for athletes, making sure you have enough energy in your system beforehand (glucose for muscles to respire) and filling up on protein afterwards. Post-workout nutrition is something I struggle with as I don’t want to ruin my appetite for my next meal by eating something ‘big’ but still want to get adequate protein for my muscles to rebuild for my next exercise session. 

Eating lots of phytonutrients (fight-o-nutrients) is super important because your muscles need vitamins and minerals to function properly. Also if you are very active don’t cut back on salt too much. I learnt this the hard way (as I cook a lot from scratch no salt is added to my food unless I add it myself), a few months ago I would get bad calf cramps every night – I spoke to a GP (my mum!) who thought it was down to lack of salts and so upped my salt intake a little bit and the problem went away. 

If you are active don’t use it as an excuse to fill up on crap foods because that will lead to crap performance, instead use it as an opportunity to fuel your body with even more goodness!

What’s your favourite post/pre workout snack?

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